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Gemopia has been recognized first and front running jewelry manufacturing company with 25years experience in Korea. For over twenty-five years Gemopia has prided itself on being ultimate combination of quality, service, value and innovation. Impeccable quality, competitive price, priority customer services and depth of styling are the pride of Gemopia. As always, we want customers to be satisfied with every purchase & service and to be benefited in our up-to-date fashion jewelry that is characterized by its originality and uniqueness of design.Gemopia has always been and continues to be the most trusted name in the jewelry industry, supplying our customers with the quality products they expect. The 21st century is an era of communications. We treasure the heartfelt communication with our customers through jewelry production and will endeavor to offer them both valuable products and services.All of us at Gemopia look forward to servicing your gold jewelry needs and are proud to be your jewelry supplier of choice.


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icon Company Gemopia
icon Address Ma-209,151,Yatap-dong, Pundang-gu Songnam Gyeonggi-do 463-070 Korea
icon Phone 82 - 31 - 7082005
icon Fax 82 - 31 - 7077534
icon Homepage www.gemopia.com
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